6 Tricks for Reselling in a Small Space

Tricks for Reselling in a Small Space

If you think you can’t start a reselling business because you live in a small space, you’ll be happy to know that’s not true! In this post I’ll list some tips for making the most of your small space.

Tricks for Reselling in a Small Space

Source and sell smaller items

Look for small, lightweight but valuable items to sell like jewelry, makeup and accessories. Your inventory will take up a lot less space, and by specializing in a few types of merchandise it’s easier to become an expert at sourcing them. You may even become your customers’ go-to source for those items!

Use spacesaver vacuum seal bags to store inventory

I love using spacesaver vacuum storage bags like these for storing clothing. You will have to squeeze the air out again each time you open the bags, but if you only ship once or a few times per week, you can remove all of the necessary items at once.

Use a half mannequin to hang items for photos

If your space prevents you from taking flat lay photos or storing a full dress form, you can still show the shape of a garment by using one of these half mannequins. Simply hang a hook on the wall and you can easily remove and store the mannequin when you’re finished taking photos. A benefit of the half mannequin over a dress form is that you can use it for a variety of clothing sizes by clipping the garment in the back.

What you’ll need:

half mannequin (available as womens size 5-10, plus size, mens size S-L, toddler and kids, and even maternity!)

adhesive hooks (I love the design of these stainless steel hooks, these Command hooks are heavy duty, and these clear ones are sleek and don’t stand out too much in pictures)

Steam your clothes with a retractable clothesline

If you don’t have space for a big clothing rack, you can use a retractable clothesline to hang your garments for steaming. These are also useful for air drying delicate items. When you’re done, simply unhook the line and it retracts to store inside the wall-mounted box, taking up minimal space.

Use under bed storage bins to house your reselling supplies

If you’re not already utilizing the space under your bed for personal storage, it’s a clever place to store your reselling supplies! Using storage containers like these you can tuck away all your supplies when you’re finished, and they’ll be completely out of sight. It’ll also keep all of your supplies handy in one place.

Use an attic, basement, outdoor shed, or rent a storage unit

These ideas won’t work for everyone, but they’re worth considering. If you have a storage shed outside or space to add one, you can store inventory there. Make sure to use locking bins to keep out any dirt or pests. Depending on your budget, it might make sense to rent a storage unit near your home. You can even set up a small packaging table so that you can pull inventory and get it ready for shipping all at one time.

Please note: You will need to check local laws to make sure using a rented storage unit for this purpose is legal, since it could be considered that you are running a business out of the space.

Do you resell in a small space? What are your tricks for maximizing the space that you have? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Really sage advice. I share a house with friends and don’t have a dedicated photo area. I’m thinking now of putting a hook on the wall behind our bedroom door to hang items. I do try to store some things at home so I don’t have to trip to storage so much but I do have a large unit and could set up a packaging table. I have lights there to but no plugins .. something to consider.

    1. I used to hang all of my items on my closet door for photos, worked just fine! I still hang some things on a blank wall to photograph. In my last home, there was a picture hanging on the wall in the room with the best natural light. I’d just take down the picture, hang my items on the nail the picture was hanging on, then replace the picture when I was done. You figure things out the more you play around with your setup and your options!

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