Offers on Poshmark – A Quick Tip

How to handle offers from buyers

Love ’em or hate ’em, receiving offers on Poshmark is basically inevitable. Here’s a little tip that has proven helpful for me and some other sellers I’ve talked to.

Next time you get an offer on Poshmark, check the person’s profile and see if they have bought many things in the past. You will be able to tell by clicking “About” and scrolling down to the section of their about page titled “Love Notes”. If they have given lots of love notes, you can bet they are probably a serious buyer and will negotiate with you if you decide to submit a counteroffer. This keeps you from settling for the amount they offered and is a good reassurance that you won’t lose a sale by sending them a counteroffer.

If they have few or no love notes and they don’t seem to be an active buyer, the choice is up to you how to approach the offer. If you have had the item listed for months and you really want to get it sold, go ahead and accept. Remember, making a few bucks is better than having to donate the item if the buyer never responds to your counteroffer.

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