How to Sell Clothes on Poshmark – 6 Things You Must Know

How to sell clothes on Poshmark

Is it actually easy to sell clothes on Poshmark? Like, as easy as all of the articles and YouTube videos make it sound?

I mean how hard could it be? You just toss your old clothes on your bed, snap a few pictures with your phone, and then list them with titles like “skirt” and “cute dress” right?

Wrong my friend, so wrong.

how to sell clothes on Poshmark

I hear from a lot of veteran sellers that they want to sell clothes on Poshmark, and they think it will be the same as selling on the platform they’ve been selling on for years (usually eBay). But unfortunately there are substantial differences between eBay and Poshmark.

Poshmark is geared towards a younger crowd, predominately women (though more and more men are starting to use it), and on-trend items sell the best. If you want to sell on Poshmark and make money, here are the basics you need to know.

Poshmark is social

Getting your items to sell quickly requires a lot more time and effort than just listing and forgetting. The algorithms favor those who are on the app often, sharing their listings to their followers, sharing the listings of other users, commenting, and listing more items. Not to mention every time you share one of your items, it goes to the top of the app’s “Just Shared” search results for whatever category it applies to. This is important because “Just Shared” is the default sorting option for search results.

For example, you can see in the picture below that right after I shared my listing for this Staring at Stars brand tank top, it was showing up at the top of search results when I searched for Staring at Stars tank tops.

sharing your listings on Poshmark
@kbuenostyle on Poshmark

Good stuff, right? So in theory if I were to share this listing over and over again, it would keep floating back up to the top.

Give some thought to your pictures

I wrote an entire post about how to take a great Poshmark cover photo. You can take your photos from right inside the Poshmark app, but they’re going to look best if you take them and edit them before posting. Even if you still take the photos with your phone, there are a ton of great photo editing apps out there (this one is my favorite) that will make your shots look professional.

Kinda like how Instagram used to be for off the cuff shots and now it’s full of curated feeds, Poshmark is now overflowing with sellers who know how to make their closets look like boutiques. To rise to the top, you really have to put a little thought and care into your product photos.

Use as many of the provided photo spaces as possible

And if you need to include even more, use an app like Diptic to make a photo collage and add that to one of the photo spaces. This is especially helpful for unique items with lots of small or interesting details or for items with damage that you need to disclose.

I sometimes take a close-up photo of the fabric of an item so that the customer can try and imagine how it feels or how it would fall on their body. This knit top had a really unique painted-on texture so I added a shot to show that.

close-up of knit top

Buying clothes online is hard y’all, and Poshmark doesn’t allow returns. So you want to give your customers as much information as you can via the photos and description.

Fill up the entire description space with keywords

Your listing description is what gets your item found when customers are searching for something. Even if they search in Google or some other search engine, Poshmark listings will come up in their search results provided the listing titles match the search term. I don’t think I need to say anything else about how important this is!

Always include measurements

Taking measurements is not as hard as you think, and it takes very little time if you do it while you’re photographing your items. Trust me, you will be so grateful that you included the measurements in the listing. You won’t be running to check the waist measurement of an item you’ve already packed up and stored away and hoping you can get back to the customer before they’ve moved on to another listing. And people WILL ask you for measurements ALL THE TIME. Especially on Poshmark since there are no returns. Using a service like Sizely, which I love and explain in my post about taking measurements, takes the headache out of including measurements.

Package your sales with care

Here’s another big difference with Poshmark in comparison to other selling platforms. Poshmark has repeatedly encouraged sellers to wrap up their sales in tissue paper with ribbon and a handwritten note. It’s now expected by many buyers, and some will even leave you bad feedback if you don’t do it! I no longer add a lot of frills, but I do keep it cute and thoughtful by adding a thank you sticker and a hand-written note.

Poshmark package stickers

It takes a little more work upfront to sell clothes on Poshmark compared to some other platforms, but there is potential to earn a LOT of money with the right brands and styles.

Do you sell clothes on Poshmark already? What do you like or dislike about the selling process?

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