How to Make The Poshmark Shipping Cost Worth It

How to Make The Poshmark Shipping Cost Worth It

If the Poshmark shipping cost has got you thinking twice about selling on Poshmark, here are some ways to make the cost worth it.

 Poshmark Shipping Cost – How to Make Money as a Seller Despite Rate Increases


As of February 2020 the Poshmark shipping cost is $7.11. This might sound pretty expensive, but there’s some good news. All Poshmark sales ship as Priority Mail so they are tracked and insured and arrive to most destinations within 1-3 business days. Since many online shoppers these days expect quick shipping, your buyers are more likely to be happy with their purchase (and hopefully leave you more love notes!)

3 Ways You Can Make the Poshmark Shipping Cost Worth It For Buyers


One of the most obvious ways to make the Poshmark shipping cost worth it is to promote or create and list your own bundles. Bundles are one or more items the buyer purchases from you at the same time, allowing them to pay shipping just one time (as long as the combined items weigh less than 5 pounds once packaged up). If you want to make the shipping cost more affordable for your customers and sell more items, consider offering a bundle discount. Buyers will be more likely to purchase multiple items from you (cha-ching!) and will feel like they got a better deal on shipping.

Sell Higher Value Items

Although Poshmark finally allows sales of all sorts of items including kid clothes, not many people want to pay $7.11 shipping cost on a $5 toddler shirt. Your buyers will see the value in paying the shipping fee and getting their package quickly if it is a higher value item. Check out the Poshmark parties to find out which brands are popular and sell for high prices, then try to source those brands or items. You can go into a past party showroom, filter to view only sold items, then sort them from high to low price. Check out those items and make a note of the brands you might be able to source for your own closet.

Price Drop Shipping Discounts

From time to time Poshmark will offer a shipping discount to people who have liked your item when you lower the price of that item. There’s no way to know when it will happen, but if you start your prices high enough to do periodic price drops, you give buyers several chances to score a lower shipping cost when they purchase from you. The most common shipping cost I’ve seen offered when doing this as a seller is $4.99, which is a $2.12 discount (as of July 2020) so not too shabby!

Have your sales been affected due to Poshmark shipping cost increases? Have you tried any of these tips? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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