5 Ways To Package Your Poshmark Men’s Sales

5 Ways To Package Your Poshmark Men's Sales

I have toyed around with my packaging over the last year or so: buying expensive supplies, DIYing, repurposing old packaging from things I’ve ordered. I had spent a good amount of time trying to develop a brand for my closet and designing my packaging to be girly and cute, but then Poshmark started supporting men’s and kid’s items. I realized I would need to figure out how to package my sales in a way that wasn’t overly feminine.

Naturally, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Stamp your own wrapping paper

Sarah from Tomfo.com used bamboo leaves and black paint to make this pretty, gender neutral paper. You could use any type of leaf or botanical. I love that you could make it seasonal: think autumnal colors in the fall or holly leaves and green paint in the winter. Click here to see the DIY.



Here’s my own version I made with a random stamp I had lying around.

DIY wrapping paper

2. Washi tape plaid

Use a variety of washi tape to create “plaid” gift wrapping, a la diyinspired.com.

DIY wrapping paper

3. Make necktie bows out of ribbon

Goodhousekeeping.com shares a clever way to package men’s items.

DIY Wrapping Paper

4. Newspaper wrapping

Use the funnies from your newspaper to wrap your items. Just make sure to use a layer of tissue paper directly around your item to prevent the ink from smudging onto it. Add some ribbon and a cute note card. This is one of mine.

DIY Wrapping Paper

5. Fabric scraps

If you have some old pajamas or sheets stashed somewhere, cut them up and use them to wrap your packages! You can wrap the whole thing and glue down the edges as explained here on SweetPaulMag.com.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Or cut long strips to use as ribbon, as seen here.

 DIY Wrapping Paper

Are you selling men’s items? What are some of your favorite packaging ideas that you’ve seen or used? Share them below!

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