Poshmark Terminology + Common Reseller Words, Phrases and Acronyms

Poshmark terminology

If Poshmark terminology has got you all confused, here is a glossary of common Poshmark terms. I’ve also included reseller phrases and acronyms that you may see on Poshmark and other selling platforms. I’ll be updating as I think of more, so be sure to pin this post so you always have the list handy!

Poshmark terminology

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Poshmark Terminology

Posher: Any Poshmark user

Poshmark closet: A Poshmark store

covershot: The main (first) photo on a Poshmark listing

bundle: When a customer purchases more than one item from you at the same time, it’s called a bundle. You will get one shipping label for all items, saving the customer on shipping costs.

Posh Party: Throughout the day (at 9 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM, and 7 PM PST) Poshmark has themed “parties” to which Poshers can share their relevant listings. These listings stay in the party “showroom” for Poshers to shop during and after the party. As opposed to regular sharing where only your followers see your listing, items you share to Posh parties are visible to anyone viewing the party listings.

host pick (HP): Each Posh party is hosted by several Poshers, who each choose about 50 listings that they like and that fit the party theme. Any listing chosen by a Posh party host is called a “host pick”.

CCO: Closet Clear Out is a sale that Poshmark runs. When you reduce the list price of an item by 10% of the lowest historical price, Poshmark will send all likers a reduced shipping cost offer for a limited time.

OTL: Offers To Likers is a pricing feature that allows you to lower the list price of an item and offer a shipping discount. Poshmark will then notify anyone who has “liked” the item about the discount.

MDD: During Make a Deal Days, Poshmark incentivizes sellers to use the Offers To Likers feature. Anyone who uses it will be entered to win Poshmark credit.

Reseller Terminology

retail arbitrage: buying items in a retail store that you resell for more

death pile: a bunch of items you’ve sourced but never listed (because sourcing is the fun part!)

NWT: new with tags

NWOT: new without tags

BOGO: buy one, get one (free)

NIB: new in box

ISO: in search of

OS: one size

TTS: true to size

EUC: excellent used condition

BOLO: be on the lookout (for)

the bins: Goodwill outlet stores

gaylord: a pallet-sized box or bin with all sorts of random items inside. This is what you’ll usually find at the Goodwill outlets but entire gaylords can sometimes be purchased as well.

manifest: a wholesale lot that is “manifested” has a list of all items included, as opposed to a wholesale “mystery” lot.

Did I miss anything? Is there a term you’ve been wondering about? Let me know in the comments!


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